Thursday, 10 November 2011

smileee sms's for u frndzzzzz....

U know what is the largest word in english language.
"SmileS" bcoz there is mile between two "S". (S mile S). So
spread smiles everywhere.


Smile is a lnguage of Luv.
Smile is a way to get success,
Smile is to win the hearts.
Smile improves ur personality.
Brush daily


Let me guess what U R doing...
Reading book?
Na Na!
Listining Music?
Watching TV?
Caught U!
Missing me and reading my SMS na.!!
Oh now U R smiling. 


Keep the smile,
Leave the tear,
Think of joy,
Forget the fear ,
Hold the laugh,
Leave the pain,
Be jouyous till i sms again


 After a shower of rain,a piece of luminous sunshine decorates the earth wonderfully...One drop of dew on
the grass and a foggy morning gives 2urge 2live...But a illusive smile frm u increase vitality of someone...So
keep smiling..........


 Today I Gave some1 ur cell no.She will be visiting u soon. plz attend her properly. I asked to stay with you
forever. Her name is SMILE... 


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